About Stewart Lynn


Stewart Lynn & Associates is a full service PBM consulting firm that works with TPAs, health plans, employers, brokers and consultants of self-funded health plans to reduce their overall pharmaceutical spend through aggressive PBM contract negotiations.  We help our clients save upwards of 20% of their annual drug spend, which for the average client, equates to at least $750,000 in savings per year.

What Makes Us Different

Stewart Lynn & Associates differs from other PBM consultancies because we originally come from the PBM side of the business.  Our founder, David Skarin, managed the TPA book of business and new business opportunities for CVS Health and helped design the financial model they use to govern pharmaceutical benefit plans for every client in their book of business.  We understand the strategies that PBMs deploy to improve their margins as well as the “games” that they play when working with groups, which gives us a distinct advantage over other consulting firms.  This intimate knowledge of PBM strategy enables us to negotiate and financially model our clients to the lowest possible margin for the PBMs, thereby ensuring our clients are not just competitive in the marketplace, but market leaders.

Armed with this intimate knowledge and our proprietary analysis tools, Stewart Lynn & Associates was established to represent self-funded groups and ensure that they maximize their savings and receive the health benefits they deserve. It is our goal to negotiate the most competitive rates for our clients to ensure that they improve their profitability, retain their existing members and acquire new members in the highly competitive healthcare marketplace.  And we can do this at no risk to you!