Our Process

Hierarchy Process

Stewart Lynn & Associates has created a simple 5-step process to help our clients navigate the PBM landscape to maximize their savings.

Our process begins by evaluating your present PBM program to assess whether you are receiving the maximum benefit possible. If after our assessment we conclude that you have left money on the table, we will provide a projected savings analysis with an estimated range of savings that we are confident we can deliver.  This is provided at no cost to you.

If it is determined that our services will provide significant savings, we can then move forward as your consultant of record to directly negotiate these discounted rates with your existing PBM or begin the RFP process. We also provide ongoing monitoring and auditing of your account to ensure that the PBMs are delivering the rates we negotiated and that your rates are as competitive as possible.

Hypothetical Savings Analysis

New Projected Savings Chart

To be more specific, if you are managing a 10,000 member TPA and are currently paying roughly $10,000,000 per year for prescription benefits, Stewart Lynn & Associates projects an average savings of over $1.5MM per year! Depending on the number of members, prescription utilization, and mail penetration, the savings could be even greater! At a minimum, we guarantee that we can get your prescription benefits costs down from what you are paying today.

Don’t leave money on the table.  Contact us today and let’s start working towards a more profitable future!