Our Services


Stewart Lynn & Associates are experts in the field of pharmaceutical benefits management and we recognize that every client is unique and has different needs. Our goal is to help our clients be more competitive in the market and tailor our services to their specific needs. Our services include:

• Projected Savings Analysis – We will conduct an analysis of our client’s current pricing structure and determine the savings that could be negotiated with our services.

• Request for Proposal (RFP) – Stewart Lynn has created a unique RFP to gather quotes from competing PBMs and eliminate the “games” that PBMs like to play, such as unique definitions surrounding brand and generic drugs, single source generics, etc. This process can be custom-tailored to fit each client’s needs.

• Negotiations – Stewart Lynn will directly negotiate the best pricing terms for our clients using our proprietary analysis tools in order to secure the most competitive rates in the market.

• Market Checks – Annual market checks are included in our service to ensure that our clients maintain their competitive pricing.  If it is determined that an adjustment needs to be made, we will work with the contracted PBM to secure appropriate pricing terms and conditions.

• PBM Audits – Audits are a system of checks and balances that allow us to measure a PBM’s performance and hold it accountable to the terms of the contract, ensuring that our clients are receiving the discounts we negotiated.