Helping You Make Informed Decisions


The PBM marketplace has become significantly more competitive and complex with the cost of healthcare and pharmacy benefits skyrocketing year after year. The average self-funded group leaves 10 – 25% of their pharmacy spend on the table, oftentimes due to a lack of representation.

At Stewart Lynn & Associates, it is our primary goal to provide this much needed representation to our clients. Our team of industry experts provides analysis and advice to help you make informed pharmaceutical benefit decisions. Our goal is to help you save money, maximize your benefits and mitigate risk. The savings that can be achieved by leveraging our proprietary financial pricing model are superior to any other approach because we target the most strategic points in your prescription drug plan that can save you the most money.

Let us show you the difference having a pharmaceutical benefit consultant on your side can make! Contact us today!

Our Business Model

Stewart Lynn’s business model allows our clients to gain representation with no out of pocket costs to their organization. Our model permits us to be reimbursed through the PBM which allows our clients the ability to gain extremely competitive rates and representation with no financial risk. This, in turn, gives our clients a competitive advantage when trying to grow their book of business while passing savings to their current clients.

We have the ability to negotiate multiple pricing structures which grants our clients greater diversity when trying to gain additional customers. These include, but are not limited to, reinvested rebates, mandatory mail, high performance formularies, etc.

Finally, our services are not invasive on our clients’ day to day business activities. We work directly with the PBM’s sales representative and underwriting team which allows our clients to concentrate on their business while we find ways to save you money.